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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Premium Health And Beauty Products Profile

I have prepared a brief look at a few of my staple products, these items will turn out to be among your favourites as well!

First up...

This item is sleep in a bottle! In just 24 hours you will notice a reduction in the puffiness around your eyes. And the cost is about two thirds of what you would pay for Lancôme Primordiale Intense Eye Age Defense Eye Treatment!

It also reduces the appearance of dark circles by 29% in 16 weeks. Citrus bioflavonoids fortify the delicate skin around the eyes, while linseed, licorice extracts, and echinacea soothe and refresh.

Natural, effective and reasonably priced!


This will help power you through your day! This supplement contains natural caffeines from Green Tea Extract and Rhodiola Rosea. This is just the product you need to deal with your hectic lifestyle.

It will increase your mental and physical performance and help maintain energy levels.
And don't forget, from my personal care products for men,

A complete skin care system. Most men neglect skin care but the Tolsom system makes it a pleasure and takes the guesswork out of product selection. Proven to improve skin smoothness, fine lines, and clarity. Tolsom is the only men’s skin care line with the exclusive T-10 Complex that delivers high performance results in 4 weeks.

Reduces the oiliness of your skin by 84% after a single use of Tolsom Facial Cleansing Foam and Tolsom After Shave Splash. Good for all skin types.

It starts out as a gel and transforms into a blue-green, long-lasting foam – letting your razor glide more smoothly while shaving to give a close and comfortable shave. The T-10 Complex of eight moisturizing and two oil-controlling ingredients in TOLSOM Shave Gel leaves your face feeling moisturized, conditioned, and smooth.
Start your day with confidence. Wake up with a TOLSOM shave and a cool citrus scent.
Confidence. Nothing is more attractive.
If you’ve ever waxed a car or shined a good pair of shoes, you know that some things need to be protected from the environment. The same is true for your face and neck.

Notice an immediate improvement in skin texture with a patent-pending, non-acid technology that enhances the natural exfoliation process. Formulated especially for men -- with a cool citrus scent and the T-10 Complex of eight moisturizing and two oil-controlling ingredients -- this high-performance lotion rejuvenates and smooths skin.

Use it in the morning. With regular use, you’ll quickly notice improved skin tone. The people around you will notice, too. TOLSOM gets you there.

Chances are you wear sunscreen when you go to the beach or go skiing. But what about all the time you spend in the sun on a daily basis? Protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays is the single most important thing you can do to prevent premature aging.

This non-greasy moisturizing lotion is perfect for everyday use -- absorbing easily into the skin and improving elasticity. SPF 15 will protect you from damaging ultraviolet rays while the T-10 Complex of eight moisturizing and two oil-controlling ingredients conditions, smooths, and moisturizes your skin. Use it in the morning and at night and enjoy its cool and refreshing citrus scent.

Finally, on the home cleaning front,

This is the most versatile home cleaner on the market! It literally cleans everything in your house, from top to bottom. And it is a safe all-purpose cleaner that is even mild enough to clean your hands!
"If water won't hurt it -- L.O.C. will clean it!"

Better overall soil removal and streak resistance.
The world's MOST multi-purpose cleaner offers better overall soil removal and streak resistance than Mr. Clean and Murphy Oil Soap. Follow the link above for study details.
That's it for today!
All of these products are practical, safe to use, environmentally friendly and available for convenient delivery to your front door! All come with a no-questions-asked 180 day money-back guarantee. Check out the details for yourself on the web site.