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Monday, May 25, 2009

By The Numbers

Stephen Wright said, "I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done."

We all become complacent about our bodies and our health as we rush around living our busy, complicated lives. Pause for just a second and ask: Do I have my "numbers done"? Just some healthy lifestyle facts we all must keep in mind:


The number of pounds we could lose to lower our risk of developing heart disease.

less than 100 mg/dl

Your bad cholesterol (LDL) should be below this number... unless you've been diagnosed with a heart disease, then keep it under 70 mg/dl. LDL leads to heart attack or stroke by clogging the arteries.

more than 40 mg/dl (Men); more than 50 mg/dl (Women)

The levels your good cholesterol (HDL) should be to unclog those gridlocked arteries.

less than 150 mg/dl

Is the ideal level for blood fats in your system. Also known as triglycerides, high levels can increase the risk of heart disease developing.

between 70-100 mg/dl

This is the range your blood sugar should be measured at. Over 140 mg/dl you are a Diabetic and your life will change but not for the better.

Get your blood work done, have a physical and find out your numbers. If they aren't where they should be you are in need of a lifestyle adjustment.