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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little Somethings For Luscious Lips!

Pssst... have you heard about the newest products from ARTISTRY® and NAO never except ordinary® cosmetics? These new teenie-tiny items are clever, convenient and covert -- and ideal for portable pretty. They are uniquely designed to fit in your pocket or purse. Curious to meet these latest little loves? Read on...

Prep perfect. ARTISTRY Lip Care Kit
Just 2 steps to pout-perfect lips in seconds –
  1. Lip Polish, a gentle exfoliator, and
  2. Lip Conditioner, a moisturizing formula with antioxidant benefits.

Pout pretty. ARTISTRY Lip Compact
Smaller than your cell phone, this mini-compact hides a palette of 10 perfect shades of red lip colour and a convenient little lip brush.

Plump pucker. NAO never accept ordinary – Lip Plumper – Amped
This contour-boosting formula masks lines to diminish their appearance, making your lips look and feel softer, smoother, moister and irresistibly fuller.

Gloss gorgeous. ARTISTRY Mini Lip Gloss Set
You get 3 mini-glosses in one little set -- for opaque, high shine and a splash of colour. Great for glossing on the go - these glide on evenly and they can be used alone or over any lip colour.

Now is the time to bring out your playful side and try them all – your luscious lips times four!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Healthy Living can be a No-Brainer

How Healthy Living can be a No-Brainer with Simply Nutrilite - a brief look at the newest healthy food products at the Premium Health & Beauty web store.

The speed of our lives isn't slowing down, not even for the sharp curves. We all have busy lives and we are all experts at cramming "just one more" item into our schedules.

Everyone wants to eat well, but even our best intentions get overwhelmed by appointments, obilgations and fatigue.

That's why we are now selling Simply Nutrilite: The Official Food of Busy Lives.

While nutrition can be complicated and difficult to understand, Simply Nutrilite proves that eating well doesn't have to be rocket science. It's good food, on-the-go, for people who don't have the time, energy or information to accurately calculate fat content, religiously count calories or design and balance a diet.

Once you see how easy it is to live better with Simply Nutrilite, it will open your mind to more comprehensive nutritional approaches like those found in the world of Nutrilite products and supplements. And our blog and website will be with you as you explore your options.

Two exciting products have just been announced: Simply Nutrilite Organic Snack Bars and Simply Nutrilite Super Juices. Two additional products will be added to the line in November: Dietary Supplement Packs and Twist Tube Beverage Flavourers. That is a story for another day. Let's talk about here and now.

The Organic Snack Bars come in four mouth-watering flavours: Chocolate Crisp; Cherry Almond; Tropical and Sweet & Salty. They have no artificial colours, no trans fats, cholesterol and each bar contains 300 milligrams of Omega 3 fatty acids from organic milled flaxseed. Except for the Sweet & Salty flavour, they are all low in Sodium.

When you want to taste a snack, reach for something better - reach for these bars.

The Super Juice comes in two refreshing flavours: Tropical and Berry. These fruit juices give you 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement, with no artificial flavours, colours or added sugar. These drinks will pep you up without the sugar and caffeine of coffee or pop. Good for you and they taste good too!

Simply Nutrilite is priced right and simple to buy. Just click on the product links and you are good to go. The web site also has additional product details.

These are today's products for today's consumers facing today's time challenges. Simply Nutrilite isn't about holistic lifestyle changes - it's about eating right, right now. It's good food on the go.

If you are looking for a home based business with low entry costs, I am looking for distributors. Just use this Contact Us link or the one on the web site.