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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Secret of Youth – 5 Ways to Keep Looking Young

I want to welcome today's guest author, Jessica Martin. Jessica has written a helpful article, reminding (or teaching) us of five healthy ways we can keep our youthful good looks. Enjoy!

If any of us knew what it took to stay young forever, we could bottle the formula and make millions off it. As human beings, we are bound to grow old and show signs of it, no matter how badly we wish to retain our youth. It’s a natural process of life, and some of us are more upset than others at losing our beauty and youthfulness that we try every trick in the book to stay young. You may try surgeries that alter the way you look, creams and lotions, and pills and concoctions that claim to miraculously decrease your age and have you feeling like a twenty-year-old, but none of them work as well as the below methods that keep you looking and feeling young in a healthy way even as you age gracefully:
  • Nourishing food: When you include more fruits, vegetables and other natural foods in your diet, your skin glows with good health and you retain a youthful look. Eat more proteins and carbohydrates that take longer to digest and reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Avoid eating processed foods that contain lots of sugar because they make your complexion pasty and give you an unhealthy look. Also avoid smoking and drinking if you want to avoid bags under your eyes and feeling out of breath and unfit even though you’re not yet 30.
  • Regular exercise: Besides keeping you fit and glowing with health, regular exercise helps keep your weight down. When you’re overweight or obese, you look older than you are really are. When you exercise, you feel better mentally and physically, the sweat helps flush all the toxins out of your body, and you keep ill-health and disease at bay, all of which help boost the youth factor.
  • A positive frame of mind: When you’re happy, satisfied with life and adopt a positive attitude, you avoid letting stress and tension ruin your health and making you look and feel older than you really are. Stress makes you lose your hair and gives you an unhealthy complexion; it also prone to illness and weight gain, all of which contribute to giving you an appearance that is older than your real age. So stay positive and take each day as it comes instead of worrying over what tomorrow might bring.
  • Good hygiene and personal habits: When you groom yourself well and wear clothes that are trendy and that suit your complexion and physique, you look and feel good. Fill your wardrobe with colors and sizes that are flattering and keep your appointment at the salon every fortnight or so to keep your skin clear, your nails trimmed and buffed, and your hair well maintained. When you care about how you look, you feel younger at heart.
  • Sleep and water: All of us need at least 6 hours of sleep every night to refresh our bodies and minds and rejuvenate ourselves for the next day. When we go without sleep and our bodies are deprived, we lose our health and begin to look haggard as our sleep deficit mounts. Also, drink water instead of tea, coffee, sodas or aerated drinks that have sugar in them. Water is pure and helps you keep your skin healthy and clear to give you that glow that makes you look and feel young.

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