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Monday, May 22, 2006


QHEALTHBEAUTY - Women's Skin Care

Artistry® is one of the world's top five largest-selling prestige brands of facial skin care and colour cosmetics (based on a study by Euromonitor Consultancy of 2003 global retail sales). From the high standards set for research and development to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the Artistry brand is an industry leader. All Artistry products are dermatologically and allergy tested.


Tolsom™ Skin Care for Men, proven to improve skin smoothness, fine lines, and clarity. Tolsom is the only men’s skin care line with the exclusive T-10 Complex that delivers high performance results in 4 weeks.

Very nice, you might say, but why should I consider a skin care product?

The dangers of prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun are well known and documented in many places. But we also need to protect our exposed skin surfaces from all the elements. Our clothing does a good job of protecting most of our bodies, but our face, neck and hands suffer a continual battering from sun, wind, rain and humidity.

Switching to the Artistry or Tolsom product line will protect your precious skin and enhance your lifestyle. We have found that 91% of the people that try our skin care line do not switch back to their old products. Here are 8 good reasons to switch:
  1. Quality - the entire line is of the highest possible quality, designed to treat your skin right.
  2. Best of Science & Technology - From the R&D lab through the manufacturing facilities. Everything is done in-house.
  3. Artistry is a world Top 5 product - according to a study by Euromonitor Consultancy
  4. Environmental Committment - the products and the manufacturing process are designed for minimum environmental impact. Many are shipped in concentrated form to reduce packaging.
  5. Convenience - shop online instead of in line at a store. Save your time!
  6. Proven Claims - every claim made in the online resource material is honest and backed up with documentation. No extra hype is applied in order to "win your loyalty".
  7. Competition - our products are competitive in every arena: Price; Performance; Value
  8. Guarantee - every product is backed by a 180 day exchange or refund policy. Shipping charges included. No questions asked!

Some skin care tips

  • Wash your hands often
  • Use tepid water
  • Pat your face dry with a fresh towel
  • Sleep on satin pillow cases
  • Use sunscreen at all times, it prevents aging
  • Develop good skin care habits

Yours in health!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

XS Energy Drink - The Review

XS Energy Drink - The Review: "Blast your energy levels into high gear!"

The well-respected site reviews the XS Energy Drink line that we sell. Their comments on the various products:

Root Beer Blast

"Despite the fact that this is probably the 2000th entry into the energy drink category, XS Energy has managed to come out with something that's original -- and great tasting."

"... zero calorie, zero sugar formulation."

"We've never seen this flavor used in an energy drink and, fortunately for XS, it really works."

Cherry Blast

"XS Cherry Blast Energy Drink is an excellent zero-carb / zero-calorie energy drink."

"This product has an exceptional flavor that could go head-to-head with any energy drink on the market today."

Electric Lemon Blast

"With its sweet citrus flavor, Electric Lemon Blast has the sweetest and most natural flavor of the XS products to date. In our opinion, it is perhaps best compared to a lighter Mountain Dew."

"... it definitely deserves a place among the top tier of low-carb energy drinks. The only potential downside of this beverage could be locating the exclusive distributors of the XS brand"

Obviously, that last point won't be a problem for you!!

Tropical Blast

"The flavor is light but fruity and it's not that obvious that the product uses a sugar-free formulation."

Tropical Blast Caffeine Free

"Same taste as the Tropical Blast, but with a slightly modified formula. Specifically, it contains neither caffeine nor the adaptogenic blend."

Citrus Blast

"Citrus Blast XS Energy Drink is unlike any energy drink we've ever tried. You'll notice on the can that this product has only 8 calories, which means that it does not use normal sugar-based sweeteners."

"The citrus flavor featured in the beverage is excellant and helps it stand apart from the many Red Bull knock-offs on the market. Overall, a solid energy drink that we'll definitely give some originality points to."


"Cranberry-Grape XS Energy Drink is a new zero-carb energy drink that has only 8 calories. This beverage was recently improved and the cran-grape flavor is really fantastic.The grape flavor is very natural and there is little to no aftertaste. We highly recommend this product to folks looking for lo-cal energy drink with great taste."

Just like the rest of my product line, these energy drinks are premium quality and healthy. And they taste great too! My favourites are the Root Beer and Citrus Blast.

Before I go, here is a comparison chart showing how the XS Energy Drinks compare with competing products. Low calories, no sugar, no carbohydrates and plenty of B vitamins!

Yours in health!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Acne Skin Care System -- Break the cycle of breakouts!

You will love this product! It treats your skin with the respect you deserve. And you'll appreciate the results!

Designed to treat acne-affected skin, this three step acne treatment system keeps pores clean, clear and cared for.

Three steps:

1. The Acne Treatment Wash clears pores of oil and debris and gently exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface.

2. The patent-pending stabilized sodium chlorite contained in the Purifying Toner reaches deep into pores to break down and eliminate "bacteria-friendly" oil.

3. The Acne Treatment Lotion treats and rejuvenates challenged, acne-affected skin.

And your satisfaction is guaranteed! You have 180 days -- six whole months -- to decide if my products meet your needs. No questions asked, return instructions are included in the packaging you receive with the product.

Multivitamin Powerhouse!

New Double X delivers a reformulated blend of essentials – 12 vitamins and 10 minerals. And now it features 20 plant concentrates for broad antioxidant protection and health benefits. It delivers benefits you can count on, such as natural energy and additional antioxidant protection.

As reported by CBS News in 2002: after 20 years, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has completely reversed its policy and is now encouraging all adults to take at least one multivitamin a day.

The report continued: "The body of evidence they reviewed showed that taking insufficient levels of vitamins B6 and B12 increases the risk for a person developing cardiovascular disease, neural tube defects and colon and breast cancer. Low levels of vitamin D contribute to osteoporosis and fractures. Low levels of the antioxidant vitamins (A, E and C) can potentially increase the risk for several chronic diseases. Doctors Fletcher and Fairfield confirm that Americans are not consuming enough nutrients in their diet."

Yours in good health!

QHEALTHBEAUTY - A healthy you--inside and out!

QHEALTHBEAUTY - A healthy you--inside and out!

I have created a new site for my online sales business. Featuring the best available natural, organic vitamins and supplements, teamed with an outstanding line skin care products. Feel and be your best, inside and out.

As a special bonus for readers of my blog, email me to fine out how you can purchase products at wholesale and earn a cash bonus on your purchases!


I own an online store selling premium quality health and beauty products.

My blog is intended to introduce you to the product line and show you the benefits of investing in your own future. We can have some fun and learn to live long, healthy lives!

Yours in health!